Make Every Precious Moment Count

We all have a limited time to influence our kids
and set them up for success when they are still children

That's why it's crucial that we Inspire
our children to develop strong values

  • Self-DrivenInspired children stay on top of their work – without constant reminders
  • ResourcefuLInspired children find answers to problems without giving up easily or defaulting to “I don’t know”
  • PersistenT Inspired children know how to instantly change how they feel and what they can do when they dislike or feel bored with something
  • Impact-Driven Inspired children voluntarily reduce or regulate their screentime to work on things they feel are more valuable
  • Growth-Minded Inspired children go beyond their comfort zones – and don’t let fear of failure stand in the way
  • Self-Confident Inspired children feel comfortable in their own skin and don’t worry about “fitting in” for the wrong reasons
  • Emotionally Resilient Inspired children focus on empowering feelings and thoughts when situations seem beyond their control
  • Responsible Inspired children seek YOUR guidance over the advice of friends & social media
  • Accomplished Inspired children expand on their strengths and what they can do rather than focusing on their weaknesses and what they can’t do
  • Flexible Inspired children embrace change – and see it as an opportunity
  • Culturally-grounded Inspired children understand and adopt Indian practices into their daily lives on their own because it makes them feel stronger, safer and more supported when they embrace their indian culture

Experience The of Parenting Well

Prior to Values-Mindset coaching, the frequent thoughts & fears that would consume my mind were… Am I doing enough as a parent to prepare my children for the future? Am I completely screwing up my children? How can I control my children during the teenage years?

But now, I feel more liberated as a parent, confident in my parenting and enjoy a loving, transformed relationship with my two daughters. I come from a place of compassion, joy and abundance and don’t act based on fear or the worry that time is running out.

REKHA IYER, Mom of 2

With the precious time you have with your kids now, focusing on values is the One Thing that will give them the qualities
& skills to Thrive in a fast changing future

Have Confidence that Your Children
Will Reach Their Highest Potential
Because of Your Guidance

Peace of Mind

Avoid worry, knowing
you have the powerful
tools needed to GUIDE
your children to success


Raise Kids who
power of values
and seize opportunties

Overcome Anything

Raise kids who
confidently THRIVE
when facing challenges

Hi, my name is

Priya Narthakii

Values Mindset &
Peak Parenting Coach

As Indian parents, we all want our children to have a solid foundation for success.

But despite our best efforts, we still worry about whether we’re doing enough to prepare them for the opportunities and challenges ahead.

Instilling strong values like self-discipline, responsibility, self-confidence, and kindness is at the core of our duty as Indian parents. These values will shape our kids’ character and ensure future success.

That’s why I’ve dedicated my life to studying human peak performance in both Western and Eastern knowledge systems and created Values-Mindset Parenting.

4 University Degrees
& 5 Professional Certifications

Tony Robbins-Madanes Certified Strategic Interventionist & Graduate of over 26 Mastery Events

Certified Pranic Healer & Pranic Psychotherapist

Certified International
Yoga & Pranayama Instructor, Anusara Style RYT-200
Guided more than 2,000 Indian Parents worldwide
For more than 15 years, my mission has been to equip and empower Indian parents like you with culturally-connected expert guidance & support to raise dynamic, driven, resilient, and kind leaders for the future.

Wrote the 1st ever book
on Indian Parenting

How to Become An Inspiring Parent Guide


Start the values-mindset fundamentals training


Use values as your most effective parenting tool to make your parenting your kid’s greatest resource


Confidently guide your kids to success by choice, not chance knowing you are providing the exact tools they need to succeed


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It means guiding our kids while
we look through the lens of values.

Values are energizing emotions made bigger by our actions.

It’s the emotional motivators that we are ACTUALLY WILLING TO ACT ON!

Start Your Fundamentals Training

become an inspiring parent guide

Parents whose kids are between the ages of 3-14 and who want to expertly handle parenting situations like:

  • Feeling mounting frustration as you remind your kids for the 10th time that they will be late for school or class while they happily immerse themselves in the exact thing has nothing to do with leaving
  • Hearing your kids on a playdate actively discussing the one sensitive topic you didn’t expect to have to address anytime in the near future
  • Being ready to leave to the temple, while your child (still in pajamas) confidently puts forth the rational argument “If God is everywhere, why do I need to go to the temple?”

The Inspiring Parent Guide (IPG) program trains parents in the DOT Framework – the simple and repeatable 3-step plan that gives parents the EXACT way to harness the power of values as their most powerful parenting tool in any parenting situation.

Within the program you will also have a place to practice the DOT Framework with the active support of the community and expert guidance from Priya to help you fine-tune your DOT skills real-time giving you the power to confidently guide your kids while setting the absolute best foundation possible for their success.

In as little as 4 weeks of regular attendance and participation in the program, parents begin to see that their kids feel more connected to them, the kids are more motivated, willing to direct themselves and much more responsive to parental guidance. We often receive messages like:

  • Thank you – I feel my 5 year old daughter is so much more connected to me now
  • The sessions are incredibly thought-provoking. I have clarity in a way I never had before
  • I didn’t react the way I usually do by getting frustrated and overreacting, I was able to parent myself first and build a true memory with my daughter
  • Thanks to the DOT framework my child actually wants to listen to what I am sharing. I used to think “they don’t listen”, but now I see the change. It was me who wasn’t sharing properly. But now my kids are fully taking in what I am telling them and acting on things on their own and I am also relaxed with them.

Already An Inspiring Parent Guide?

Become an Awe-Inspiring
Parent Leader

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Parents who Inspire their children say

When I said YES! to Priya Narthakii's Values-Mindset Coaching - that was one of the best decisions I have taken this year. Thank you Priya Narthakii for being instrumental in the change you are brining in me, and through me to my family and in turn to the entire community. You set me on FIRE with your beautiful energy, positivity in every coaching call because of which TRANSFORMATION and success is happening for me.
~ Manasa Madgula
I wanted to thank you Priya for everything you have done for me through your coaching programs. I have really appreciated the changes to my thinking and mindset and how it has helped me elevate my family. While the journey of learning and practice of learning continues, I could not have started this journey of personality integration without your pointed guidance and coaching. You have a special gift of taking people through a journey to realize their purpose and connect to their true self.
~ Vinod Subramaniam

*Shared with permission

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With this training you’ll learn how to inspire your children to action,
when they are resisting, while creating beautiful memories between you

Challenge to Cooperation

You will learn:

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Parent ARE YOU?


Take our insightful quiz and in just 3-5 minutes you'll get:

Step 1


Gain a clear understanding of your parenting approach, how it affects your interactions and child's emotional well-being. Discover your strengths and areas for improvement.

Step 2

Tailored Guidance

Get personolized feedback and practical insights to become more effective as o parent while also creatina a more harmonious and nurturing environment for your children

Step 3


Goin the new persoective you need to build confidence in your ability to guide and support your child's growth so they can reach their highest potential

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