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Weekly Pre-Session reflection prompts

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Access to Call Recordings inside the
Inspiring Parent Guide Private Podcast Library

Training: D.O.T Framework Fundamentals

Plus these bonuses

Training: Activating Your Child's Academic Potential

Training: Raising Future Ready Kids

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We all want our kids to be able to do certain things like...

Be ready for school on
their own with quality
homework ready to
turn in ...without
constant reminders

Be willing to lend a
helping hand at home
and with their siblings
...without cajoling
or refereeing

Become more responsible
& independent, like cleaning,
simple cooking, managing
money & prioritizing their
time properly
...without nagging

The problem is...

We keep worrying about if our kids will have the skills they need to
achieve something meaningful, be financial stable,
and lead a happy family life in the future

So we feel like we NEED to help make them more independent

But when our help doesn't
seem to be working we feel WORRIED and... sometimes we even feel like

But imagine what it would feel like to be
an Inspiring PARENT GUIDE...

The one who is fully equipped to provide their kids with
the foundational tools & resources to thrive in life

  • Confident in your ability to guide your kids towards success while giving them the experience of a beautiful connection with you
  • Able to communicate with your kids in a way that inspires and motivates them to take action towards their goals
  • Feel reassured that your kids will embrace the best parts of Indian culture and have strong values

watch this Video

Experience how it can feel to be an Inspiring Parent Guide who raises values-rooted children who have a prosperous & fulfilling future
In case we haven't met...
My name is

Priya Narthakii

Wife and mother of two incredible kids. Award-winning author. Podcast host. Holder of 4 university degrees and 5 certifications. Professional Bharathanatyam Dancer, Montessori & Bhagavad Gita Enthusiast
(amongst other things).

And the creator of the Inspired Indian Parentng Movement & Values-Mindset Parenting Method a PROVEN method that integrates the best aspects of Western and Ancient Indian knowledge systems and helps Indian parents use the inherent power of values to bring out the highest potential in their children.

As a Peak Parenting Coach

How do I best help my
children be Successful?

The thing many parents don't know is that there's a science to creating success

Developing the Qualities
of success like being...

  • Self driven
  • Kind
  • Confident
  • Motivated
  • Resourceful
  • Persistent
  • Resilient
  • Disciplined
  • Flexible

Actually begins with

Creating values means helping your kids develop internal emotional motivators they are ACTUALLY WILLING to act on

I know you are working hard to help them understand these qualities & give them experiences of these qualities,

But the problem is...

these qualities don't really mean much to kids and it is the meaning that drives people to care and act.

We need something to Connect these
success qualities to the meaning...

...that motivates them to
take action ON THEIR OWN

& internalize the qualities
so they will ALWAYS act on them

The one continuous line that connects the dots is Values

If you think
of the success
qualities as dots...

What connects
the dots is
the one line (values)

Which creates
meaning when

Without this line that activates the meaning,
the qualities are just unconnected dots
that won't guarantee success or good character

As a parent, we need to ask ourselves...

"What is the type of line I must draw that will give these dots enough meaning that it will ignite my children into serving a higher, more noble purpose for themselves and others?"
- priya Narthakii

That's why I created

Values-Mindset Parenting

Unlike positive mindset and growth mindset parenting which rely heavily on RATIONAL REASONING where you do your best to:
  • Calmly explain the reasons
  • List the expectations
  • Set boundaries and limits
  • Give guidelines with repeated INSTRUCTIONS
Only to end up getting frustrated when they don’t listen or follow-through
even after you have patiently explained SO much…
Values-Mindset Parenting relies primarily on connecting with your kids on an EMOTIONAL LEVEL (because the truth is, their prefrontal cortex – the rational part of their brain doesn’t fully develop till they are 30!) With Values-Mindset Parenting you use
  • Dialogue (not monologue)
  • Connection
  • Storytelling
  • and Experiences
So you can confidently GUIDE (not manage) your kids in the right
direction and get them to internalize the values in a way that makes them
act on their own with enthusiasm & follow-through
Values isn't something we are trying to instill, it is actually the foundation for exceptional parenting & an extraordinary life.
- priya Narthakii

So, How Do You Apply Values-Mindset Parenting?

By using the 3 easy & repeatable steps in the

DOT Framework

Here’s How

Step 1

Deepen your
understanding of values

Step 2

Open an interactive
dialogue with your children

Step 3

Tailor an experience
to your child

Oh and one more thing...
I didn’t just pull this out of thin air...

The DOT framework is based on the
SAME Stanford research-backed methods that
the country’s #1 Life & Business Strategist,
Tony Robbins, has used to transform over
50 million lives, across more than 150 countries,
over four decades.

Being fully certified in his methods for the past 14 years, I’ve taken his methods and added 100 of my own tried-and-true frameworks.

These frameworks are derived from the deep ancient Indian knowledge systems that have been passed down through the wisdom of our Rishis & Gurus.

Now, let's see what the DOT Framework
looks like to help with Real Parenting Situations

So let’s say your child doesn’t want to do their homework.

With the DOT method, you will be able to help
your child develop an emotional connection with their
homework NOW - instead of for some intellectually based idea
of future gain, like getting good grades or getting into college

Let me give you an example…

I had a client whose 8-year old daughter
dreaded doing her math homework.


First I asked my client: “What value is your daughter using?” She replied it wasn’t a value - the action was the math homework and the emotion was dread, but dread wasn’t energizing.

Good! I said. Now it’s time for Step O.

“Go ask your daughter why she has this emotion of dread with the (action) math homework. Ask her, what type of action would change the emotion toward math homework.


My client asked her daughter why.

She responded, “I prefer projects… I like to explore different ways of doing things and expressing myself. And math isn’t a project.”

I helped my client realize that her daughter’s primary value for her homework is creativity. And I encouraged her to use that value with her daughter – so she would see math as a project.


So my client said to her daughter, “What if you made a game of all the answers… turn each # into a secret code that only *you* know? But you only get the code if you do the worksheet.”

Her daughter was intrigued. And decided to turn her math homework into a secret language with her friends: anyone who gets the right answers can decode the messages.

It worked so well that now, even her classmates want
to do their math homework too.

Best of all...

My client doesn’t have to go through the exhausting routine
of trying to incentivize her daughter to do her homework…
and then badger her to get it done.

Instead, she gets it done all on her own.

Yup. All because my client came from a Values-Mindset & used
the DOT Framework to help her daughter apply a
value (creativity) to doing homework.

Ready to Apply DOT Framework &
Make a BIG Impact on Your Childrens' Success?

More DOT Framework in action

Don't Quit

Eat Greens

Choose a High School

So by now you might be wondering...



  • You have a child between the ages
    of 3-14
  • You’re willing to make small shifts in your way of thinking & adapt your style of parenting to make the biggest impact on your kids
  • You want to learn expert parenting tools AND dig DEEP to understand the thinking behind the tools (which sets you up to be highly prepared for all situations, especially challenging ones)
  • You want to become the primary guide & source of inspiration for your kids with a sustainable parenting approach that has a long-lasting impact on your children

Maybe Not

  • Your children are all grown up (over
    the age of 14)
  • You prefer to keep telling you kids what to do, instructing them and relying on “just think positive” mindset
  • You aren’t comfortable receiving values-mindset feedback on your parenting in a members-only community setting
  • You want to learn tips and tools just enough to get through

Packed with so much goodness that you might start to wonder

"This sounds too good to be true..."
But it's not. There's a reason Why


of my clients are STILL
in the membership
one year later

Here’s what you get when you join:

DOT Framework

In this course, you will be trained on the DOT framework – the proprietary framework which is at the heart of the Values-Mindset Parenting approach. You will learn the exact 3-step process to solve daily parenting struggles in a simple and repeatable way.

Applying this framework will make your kids not only self-driven and motivated but also proactive, resilient & kind (among other values).

Through this training you will learn:

  • How to use values to remove your stress, worry or frustration before you handle parenting situations so you can go from manager to guide
  • How to help your child find their own meaning in any situation (big or small) making them self-driven and independent
  • How to significantly enhance your ability to build trust, connection & influence with them through dialogue rather than conversation so you can go from instruction to inspiration
  • How to make everyday activities and responsibilities feel like an experience rather than labor to them (and you!)

60-minute live

weekly coaching

Each week, we’ll meet on Zoom for a 20-30 minute Values Mindset training. Then we will have 8-10 minutes of group discussion.
At the end of each session, there will be a Q&A session for 20 minutes. So if there’s a family situation that you need coaching on… I’ll personally help you through it!

Weekly Pre- Session

reflection prompts

Before each coaching session, I’ll ask you to share your thoughts on the topic at hand.
This will help you identify your current approach to parenting and share any parenting struggles you may have that you want expert help to solve.

Post Session

hands-on action plan

At the end of each call, you’ll create a simple, easy-to-do action plan for the week.

So you’ll be able to immediately APPLY the concepts to your everyday life – and shift your parenting patterns for better and more lasting results.

Access to Call Recordings

inside the IPG Private Podcast Library

Can’t make a session? No worries! You’ll get access to all training calls, so you can catch up on your own time.
Oh and inside the Inspiring parent guide library, you’ll get immediate access to over 25 hours of training recordings that you can listen in on and interact with immediately.

But that’s not all.
Because I REALLY want you to join,
I’m also throwing in these


Raising Future-Ready Kids Training

In this 90 minute training taken for the first time from the vaults of my exclusive, application-only program, the Awe-Inspiring Parent Leader, you will learn the one secret behind why some people are wildly successful and others aren’t (even when they seem to have every resource readily available to them). This training will help you empower your child to unlock their true potential, thrive in an ever-changing world, and seize opportunities that come their way.

You will learn how to:

  • Fuel Self-Confidence: Discover the secrets to create an abundance of inner energy and drive within your child. Equip them to handle life’s ups and downs, external pressures, and challenges with balance, integration, joy, and ease.
  • Master Resourcefulness: Empower your child to effectively utilize internal and external resources, enabling them to navigate challenges and achieve remarkable success.
  • Inspire Strong Decision-Making and Growth: Take an active role in inspiring your child to take meaningful action and experience personal growth so they can define their own measure of achievement and surpass expectations, shatter limitations, and make a lasting impact on the world.

Activating Your Child's Academic Potential Training

In this training, you will discover the game-changing framework that will revolutionize your child’s approach to learning. In less than 20 minutes, you’ll gain a deep understanding of the precise stages of learning, empowering you to guide your kids from an academic journey to an academic adventure.

You will:

  • Discover What True Learning Is: Help your child connect with schoolwork like they do with their favorite activities so you don’t have to constantly follow-up
  • Discover What True Learning Is: Help your child connect with schoolwork like they do with their favorite activities so you don’t have to constantly follow-up
  • Enhance Focus and Efficiency: Help them be up to 5x faster and more accurate in completing academic work so they have more family and personal enrichment time
Values mindset & the incredibly amazing Inspiring Parenting Guide program has completely changed my parenting style. Instead of getting angry, controlling and punishing, I fill my kids with love & care each and every day. Now, every morning, my 5 year old chooses what value he will use for the day then he makes sure to live by that value for the majority of the day without me helping or reminding him!
- Vaishali kodak

Ready to BECOME an Inspiring Parent Guide?

You'll get

60-minute live weekly coaching sessions

Weekly Pre-Session reflection prompts

Post Session hands-on action plan

Access to Call Recordings inside the
Inspiring Parent Guide Private Podcast Library

Training: D.O.T Framework Fundamentals

Plus these bonuses

Training: Activating Your Child's Academic Potential

Training: Raising Future Ready Kids

Yes I Need This!

Start for $3*

*$3 for the 1st month
and $37/month after
with no contract

Your kids will love this new style of parenting SO much… that they might even start cooking for you to make sure you don’t miss a session

(That actually happens with my current clients)

“But… will I have enough time to implement everything?”

(And other questions parents like you had before taking the leap)

The program will only take up one hour per week (plus 10 minutes of reflection “homework” each week).

That’s it. If you show up (and reflect), you’ll start to see BIG shifts in the way you think and act as a parent – which will show up in your kids’ thinking and behaviors.

First, we want to help you, the parent, become the best trained guide your child could ever hope for. If we start teaching the kids directly, they won’t have the proper ongoing support they need from you). So we want to focus on you first!

(There is more – and we haven’t made the official announcement but we are developing and testing our new Success Stacker kids program that will work directly with your kids to teach them the same values and show them how to apply the DOT method to themselves.)

But for now – it’s best for you to focus on getting yourself trained so you can support them!

Training for something doesn’t mean you’re bad at it! It just means you want to put your best foot forward.

Just like a top athlete goes to a coach to perform at the highest level… parents can go to a coach to become even better, more influential parents.

Think about it this way…

How much do you spend to train your child in just one subject? Say… music?

Would you ever think of letting them perform with absolutely no training?

Probably not.

Parenting is THE most important skill you can have. And this program will help you be wildly successful at it.

In case you’re still skeptical about the power of coaching, get this:

The Institute of Coaching found that 80% of people who get coaching have increased self-confidence. And over 70% benefit from improved relationships and more effective communication skills. (Those are the things that create successful people!)

There is none! I believe in this training SO much that I’ve intentionally made the price point affordable for everyone.

Just see what one client had to say…

“I am homemaker so I was little bit hesitant about the fees but I received way more than I paid. It is Priya’s style of giving.” -Mrudula Rao

Nope! If you pay monthly, you can quit anytime. There are no contracts.

That said…

I highly recommend that you commit to the program for at least a year since you’ll see the most changes that way and gain a much better foundation in the most important values you want to bring to your children. .

Your spouse and family don’t need to agree for you to have the tools and thinking you need to influence your kids. It only takes one person to make a significant change in a child’s life. Why not let that person be you?

Good news is that family members tend to get on board once they see how the values-mindset parenting affects everyone.

So many of my clients said the same thing before they joined! But I promise you… this WORKS if your kids are between the ages of 3-14 and you are consistent in applying the simple DOT Framework. You will be able to deepen your bond with your kids and inspire them to become self-driven, self-motivated, and strong decision-makers which will set them up for success now and in the future while also developing their character.

Whenever I hear something from Priya, I feel it’s so distinctive. I immediately go to my husband and tell him - you have to hear this. By Priya’s guidance I am able to connect the dots and able to apply her teachings to both my parenting challenges and my day to day life.
- Bindiya Aggarwal

The Inspiring PARENT GUIDE Membership will help you…

Influence your children to listen and follow your guidance

Encourage your kids to connect with their emotions and internal motivators. So they make the RIGHT decisions (without being influenced by the wrong things).

Raise self-sufficient kids who take care of themselves

You won’t have to follow up with your kids every 5 seconds to make sure they’re doing their homework. Or brushing their teeth. Because they’ll do it all on their own.

Feel CONFIDENT that what you’re doing is right

No more second-guessing. Because you’ll have a PROVEN parenting method to rely on. And inside our weekly coaching sessions, you’ll get all your specific parenting questions answered.

Develop a deeper and open relationship with your kids

Your kids will no longer feel forced to do something. Or pressured. Or constricted. They’ll respect and admire you for being such a positive influence in their lives. And you’ll become their #1 source of guidance.

Adapt to ANY personality

You’ll learn how to adapt your parenting style to your child’s
personality type. So whether you feel your child is loud and outspoken
or shy and nervous, you’ll be able to cater your parenting
to each of your children.

Stop worrying that you aren’t doing enough for your kids

Because you’ll know that you are able to provide everything your
kids need to face the future – and succeed with flying colors.

Ready to BECOME an Inspiring Parent Guide?

You'll get

60-minute live weekly coaching sessions

Weekly Pre-Session reflection prompts

Post Session hands-on action plan

Access to Call Recordings inside the
Inspiring Parent Guide Private Podcast Library

Training: D.O.T Framework Fundamentals

Plus these bonuses

Training: Activating Your Child's Academic Potential

Training: Raising Future Ready Kids

Yes I Need This!

Start for $3*

*$3 for the 1st month
and $37/month after
with no contract

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