become an Awe- inspiring parent leader

Values-MindseT comprehensive Training

For the parents who have been regularly attending The Inspiring Parent Guide (IPG) program for no less than 4 months and have seen changes by using the DOT Framework. You are now ready to see similar changes in all parts of your life by learning how to bring together work, parenting, family relationships, ambitions, health, wealth & contribution in a way that creates harmony and a really good life for you and your family.

Now that you’ve felt the power of values, you need something more powerful to effect all areas of your life. The strongest force in our personality is the need to stay consistent with our identity – how we see ourselves.

The Awe Inspiring Parent Leadership Immersion (AIP) focuses on consciously and systematically developing an identity that will be able to effortlessly apply not only values but other peak performance frameworks to expertly handle the more complex situations in life.

AIP has three phases.

First, we use methods derived from both western peak performance disciplines and eastern integrated knowledge systems to rapidly remove old identity patterns that prevent you from gaining harmony. We then design new patterns and condition those new patterns until it becomes natural to you .

Second, we teach you how to use your new identity in a way that gives you complete control over your time, energy and achievements without grueling schedules or monotonous routines.

Third, we work on using your identity to build and expand the quality of all your relationships so you can experience meaningful influence, impact and a deep level of connection with your kids and others. When you master this phase, your kids regularly seek you out for guidance and want to spend time with you.

Graduates of AIP often find their kids in awe of their parents & are inspired to be like them. They emerge not just as inspiring guides to their children, but as awe-inspiring leaders in all parts of their life.

AIP is an immersive 1-Year program that includes both self-directed learning and live coaching. Since the program begins with identity, participants typically see big changes in as little as 3 months, with continual changes to themselves and their families throughout the entire program.
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