Hi, my name is

Priya Narthakii

I’m a Values-Mindset & Peak Indian Parenting Coach, but more importantly I’m the mother of these two kids

If you are anything like me (and almost
every parent I know), you want your parenting
to be SO GOOD that your
kids reach their highest potential &
strive to CREATE A LEGACY in the world

The problem is...

there are SO MANY situations, competing priorities, & external influences to manage plus, the INTENSE SOCIETAL PRESSURE to make sure our kids achieve (because we are told that their worth as adults is tied to how much they achieve)

I know this feeling
all too well.

While my parents never pushed me to become an “achiever”,
I looked around me at the world and saw that achievers were celebrated and more valued

I allowed myself to believe that the more achievements I had,
the more valuable I was as a person.

I went on to rack up a high level of achievements

High School Valedictorian &
AP National Scholar in 3 yrs

Health & Wellness Center Executive Director at 22 yrs for over 50FTEs, 100 volunteers reducing the debt of 2 million to a profit of 8 million

Special Projects Manager for the Ambulatory Care Department of Harvard’s Boston Children’s Hospital

Life Sciences Business Strategy & Transformation Consultant for
Fortune 500 pharmaceutical companies

(Tony) Robbins-Madanes Trained Certified Strategic Intervention Mindset Coach

Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programmer


Certified Pranic Healer & Pranic Psychotherapist

Creator of Dominate Time, Power Identity & Soul Identity Immersion Events

4 degrees in 4.5 yrs (BA Philosophy,
BS Biology MPH & MBA combined
into an MS Health Services Admin)

Professional Athlete for over
30 Years: Indian Classical
Dancer (250+ performances)

Certified International Yoga
& Pranayama Instructor,
Anusara Style RYT-200

Graduate of 26 (Tony) Robbins
Mastery & Leadership Events

Radio Talkshow
& Podcast Host

Author of Inspired Indian Parenting &
Award winning Book “The Breath Bath”

Tony Robbins
Senior Leader

Mompreneuer (12+ yrs),
Founder &
Owner of
Success Stacker

By God's Grace, I had an extraordinary contrast in my life

My brother Sumi, who had
Down syndrome, constantly proved to me that
worth isn’t based on achievement

Because my parents did not
tie achievements to success,

Sumi developed his
own way to be successful.
He created a LEGACY of success by…
…connecting to others and inspiring them to refocus on who they’re becoming, what they are experiencing and giving, rather than on what they are achieving.

He showed me time and time again
the power of inspired connections
and what it brought out in people and in me.

When he passed away at the age of 27, that impact poured
through in the stories of lives he had touched and joy he had personified.

Sumi showed me there are actually two parts to Legacy

achievements & more importantly
a beautiful character

I wanted my children to have that same contrast
in their life with the shining example of
how to create a meaningful legacy.

So, I made it my obsession to immerse & deeply study from those in
the West who had dedicated their lives to human peak performance
& those in the East for character development...

I grilled elders who had supported hundreds of families

Went deep into Montessori philosophy

I studied yoga asana & pranayama

Methodically studied the critical personality development approaches laid out in the Bhagavad Gita and Upanishads.

I mastered & certified in all of Tony Robbins’ Peak Performance NLP & Mindset principles

I went back to the Natya shastra to understand personalities anew

I mastered & certified in all of Tony Robbins’ Peak Performance NLP & Mindset principles

I went back to the Natya shastra to understand personalities anew

I went back to the 4 University degrees I’d earned looking for the parenting angle in any of those subjects.

Leveraged the
secrets of

I even referenced anything relevant out of the nearly 1,300 books I’d read as a result of my weekly reading habit of 15 years.

and that's how I discovered my Purpose,
Values-Mindset Parenting &
an unquenchable drive to Serve Indian families

I truly get it - the challenges, the pressures, and
the joys that come with raising children in this culture.

That’s why I’ve spent more than a decade serving HUNDREDS OF INDIAN FAMILIES across the globe training Indian Parents on how to raise kids who have both meaningful and impactful achievements – not just because of what they achieve, but because of who they are and how they choose to contribute


It is my deepest desire to awaken within you
the Inspiring PARENT GUIDE,
so that...

I truly get it - the challenges, the pressures,
and the joys that come with raising children in this culture.


Become an
Inspired Guide


Focus on raising
Inspired Kids who live
by and share values


Watch your kids create
Awe-Inspiring Success
for themselves & others

It's SIMPLE to make your parenting
SOOOOO GOOD that your kids create a
legacy of their own

Step 1

Become an
inspired guide

Step 2

Focus on raising
inspired kids who
live by & share values

Step 3

Watch your kids create awe-inspiring success for themselves & others

Whatever brought you here…

I am honored to support you as you intentionally guide your children to realize their highest potential: to become the responsible, innovative, compassionate & ethical leaders the world so deeply needs today.

with LOVE...


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